Acro Crossover CR-2 Lefty – Mizutani Scissors


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The Acro Crossover CR-2 Lefty
introduces a new era of haircutting.
Adapted to the cross-over style, fits
this model is suitable for all types of
techniques and lies fantastically in the hand.
Our newest all-rounder!

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– Crossover – 

“Scissors that inspire my sensibility” (Whitney VerMeer)

No boundary barbering & hairdressing “CROSSOVER”. An optimum pair scissors for the cross-over style was fabricated that manages both the “stable feeling” that is important for scissors over comb cut in men’s style and the “ease of use” that supports various cutting scenes. Additionally, “Nano Powder Metal” is used in the material and one can enjoy a powerful cut feeling. CROSSOVER blade length is 0.2 inches longer than general 0.5 inch pitch scissors. It helps scissors over comb cut with making good usage of hairdressing scissors 0.2 inches longer length. CROSSOVER gives you stable cut because the gravity is close to your hand and it helps you to reduce tiredness of your hand.


The CROSSOVER CR-2 Lefty in numbers:

Available in sizes: 5.7 / 6.2 / 6.7
Ring size thumb:horizontal: 15 mm・vertical: 20 mm
Ring size ring finger:horizontal: 18 mm・vertical: 18,5 mm


Whitney VerMeer

Whitney VerMeer is a global award winning published artist celebrated for her craft of conceptually and architecturally inspired hair designs and notorious for her integrity to her core-beliefs of equality in the industry she moves to disrupt.
Proceeding her arrival into the industry, Whitney studied cosmetology prior to her barber apprenticeship which lent traditional technique to add to her unique and ever evolving skillset. She has designed and deployed advanced barbering curriculum for L’Oréal, Andis Company, and MIZUTANI SCISSORS.


What kind of scissors is CROSSOVER?

These scissors are optimized for “cross-over style” and implements high operability and holdability. The secret to the stable feeling is in its holdability. The usability improved remarkably due to the held feeling to cut more solidly without wavering and the handle design to achieve a smoother operability. It is a multi-performing item with various functions that outperform any other product. Nano Powder Metal is used as a material to give the scissors its sharp edges, great toughness and durability.

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5.7, 6.2, 6.7