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Mizutani represents tradition, perfection and passion.

Einzelanfertigung Mizutani Schere mit einem Hammer

The uncompromising realization of these values makes us the market leader for individually manufactured scissors according to your ideas. With attention to detail and on the basis of high-quality materials, a unique product is created by hand, whose incomparable characteristics in durability, sharpness and precision of cut are convincing.

Unterschiedliche Sword Swivel Griffe und Ringe | Mizutani Schere Einzelanfertigung
Sword Swivel SS Griff und Ring
from left to right: thumb eye Q, thumb eye WQ, thumb eye QQ, size S 15.5 mm, size M 17.0 mm, size L 18.5 mm

You will never want to cut with anything else again! Choose from a variety of blade types, screws and handle systems and create your own personal tool. Our trade partners will be happy to advise you on site.
Delivery time: 10 to 12 weeks

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