You can find them everywhere, in Bologna, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, London – these scissors with the Japanese sounding names, praised as the finest craftmanship “Made in Japan”.

In fact, this should not bother us, because we know very well where our scissors are manufactured. What is annoying is that inferior imitation products damage the reputation of Japanese handicraft and the name MIZUTANI. What you should pay attention to: Suppliers of cheap imported goods advertise, for example, with a 10-year guarantee, no sharpening and genuine handicraft from Japan. But here too, caution is advised! Often the names of cheap scissors and shears are well-sounding Japanese names that are supposed to pretend Japanese origin. But very often these scissors are not made in Japan or not handmade. The absence of an address on the sales packaging can also be an indication of a cheap scissors copy. Every reputable Japanese scissors manufacturer will not refrain from advertising their good name on the packaging. Furthermore, genuine handmade Japanese scissors bear the seal “Hand made in Japan”.

The reference to “Japanese steel” (HC 440) is not an indication of the authenticity of the scissors, as this steel can be purchased anywhere in the world. Instead, a good scissors maker uses his own steel formulas and never reveals them. Cheap offers are often imports from China, Korea, Taiwan or Pakistan, which are sold to Europe via Japan to suggest Japanese origin. At trade fairs they are then sold at inflated prices. It is not unusual for the customer to experience a blue miracle as soon as the Japanese scissors miracle turns out to be paper scissors. There is no question that any steel can be sharpened, but the life span of the sharpness is decisive.
This is why we offer our customers what they cannot expect otherwise: professional advice, personal contact persons in the vicinity and a customer friendly service.


From time to time companies claim that MIZUTANI scissors are copies of other scissors. In fact, MIZUTANI scissors are probably one of the most frequently copied brand scissors in the world today. Still others say that the report about Japanese hairdressing scissors at Galileo on PRO7 was made by them and not by MIZUTANI! The article was broadcasted on 31 January 2005. Anyone who has seen it will be able to tell that this film is exclusively about MIZUTANI in Tokyo.

On the group photo above you can see family MIZUTANI and their master craftsmen together with some of our sales representatives visiting Tokyo. Our consultants were able to convince themselves of the high quality standard of the production.

There are several dealers who come to your salon and pretend to advise you on behalf of MIZUTANI. Make sure you get a business card to make sure that you are actually advised by a qualified MIZUTANI dealer. Since more than 10 years the same dealers are working for us.

You can entrust your scissors to them without hesitation for the right sharpening. Attention with cheap sharpening offers – an incorrectly performed sharpening cannot be reversed! Some sellers try to conceal the inferior quality of their own products with mockery and slander. These dealers work unprofessionally – don’t be fooled. Together with MIZUTANI in Japan, we are constantly developing our scissors and shears to offer you the best possible quality.


1921 – when it all began!

In the heart of Tokyo, Hirokazu Mizutani’s grandfather, Yorigi Mizutani, as a professional hairdresser, built a small place to manufacture hairdressing scissors. For him, the products available at the market at that time were simply not good enough. In the beginning he made them for himself. Soon a small but fine scissors manufacturer emerged from this production facility. “Mizutani scissors” was born! Later the grandfather handed over the company to his son Motokazu Mizutani. He was persuaded to work as a pre-producer for other companies due to the great demand and the superiority of larger companies. Thus he was able to concentrate completely on the scissors and their quality, but soon lost contact with hairdressers completely. The pressure from the customers became more and more intense. As a result, he gradually lost his independence as a scissors manufacturer and became a supplier to others. Then his eldest son Hirokazu Mizutani discovered his interest in his father’s handicraft business. He was familiar with the production facility from a very early age – this was his playground.

100% Pure japanese Hand made Mizutani Scissors

This interest grew from day to day. At the age of 39 Hirokazu Mizutani took over his father’s company under one condition: he wanted to sell his products to hairdressers himself! His hunger for design and quality was immense. Soon the small company became a scissors production, which has made a name for itself in Japan for quality scissors. Three years later – in 2001 – we joined the Mizutani Scissors World. A mutual friend from Tokyo drew our attention to Hirokazu Mizutani. At that time his hairdressing scissors were already an insider tip in Japan.

Our friend visited us together with Hirokazu Mizutani in Baden-Baden for a presentation of his scissors. It was noticeable that the scissors were sold without brand names. Hirokazu Mizutani responded to our surprise with “Why a brand? It is enough that our scissors are good!” Unthinkable nowadays! It was also noticed that the scissors were not suitable for the European market due to their proportions. The cutting blades were too long, the eyes too small. The reason for this is that cutting techniques are different in Japan. Our interest was aroused and Hirokazu Mizutani wanted to know everything. From now on there was constant communication. We knew the hairdressing market in Europe well and knew what was in demand, after all we could look back on 15 years of experience with Japanese hairdressing scissors.

With the help of many hairdressers from Germany, such as Thorsten Hussfeld, Peter Hartmann, Christian Sieferlinger, Olaf Krebs, Klaus Späth, Marco Budzinski, K.D. Kaiser and many more, we tested, checked, evaluated and criticized. Every comment, no matter how small, was taken seriously. The steel meeting our requirements was sought and found, forward-looking design was added. Even the wish of Edina Peterli for a pair of scissors made of noble rolled damascene steel was fulfilled. Mizutani scissors were now ready for the European market. The next years were characterized by constant innovation. Hirokazu Mizutani mastered every challenge we presented him with brilliance. In the meantime, Mizutani had received many industry awards for quality and design in Japan. In Germany, we were still in the early days, but we always thought laterally and questioned our work. So it was only a matter of time before people in this country also became aware of Mizutani scissors. In 2011 the time had come. A collection full of creative and innovative scissors set out to revolutionize the world market of hairdressing scissors. The thanks of the hairdressers in Germany were overwhelming and brought our scissors to the 1st place at the Salonstar 2011. That this victory was justified was confirmed by the renewed 1st place in the following year 2012. All expectations of Hirokazu Mizutani and us were exceeded. Now it is time to thank all those hairdressers who made Mizutani a star.

Thank you! Your Edina and Michael Peterli,
and Hirokazu Mizutani

Europe Distribution

Peterli & Peterli GmbH

Today – 35 years after we started to be interested in Japanese tools and 18 years since the start of our cooperation with Mizutani Scissors – we have reached a point we could not have imagined in our wildest dreams.

The Peterli & Peterli GmbH has been successfully distributing Mizutani Scissors in Europe for 18 years. We were allowed to participate in countless fairs, events, shows, conversations and meetings, which showed us again and again how happy we make our many customers out there with our product.

But it should not stop there!

The development continues, we start every day with the awareness, the feeling and the desire to take the next step, to be able and above all to want to.
We owe this not only to the hairdressing industry in Europe, but also to our own inner drive. We will continue to develop and launch new and innovative models – hand in hand with Mizutani Scissors – on the market.
But it should not stop there, Mizutani Scissors Europe will continue to advance in the seminar, training and workshop sector in Europe and develop new innovative concepts. You can be curious, because we are also.