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Sales & Order

Where can I buy Mizutani hair cutting scissors?

We will be happy to put you in touch with one of our Mizutani sales partners.

If we are unable to find a distributor in your area, please visit our online store. There we also offer you a large selection of Mizutani products with all the information you need.

To the Onlineshop:

Can someone join us in the salon?

If you let us know your location, we can find the right Mizutani sales partner for you and send you the contact details.

There is no distributor in my area, what now?

If we are unable to find a Mizutani distributor in your area, you have the following options:

  • Our online store at
    We would be happy to arrange an appointment for a non-binding telephone consultation regarding a online store sale
  • Visit to our showroom in Baden-Baden (
    We are happy to offer you the opportunity to try out our collection in our showroom in Baden-Baden.
    We are generally available for this from Mon-Fri by appointment

Can I also buy left-handed hairdressing scissors from you?

Yes, Mizutani Scissors also offers special hair cutting scissors for left-handers. Because left-handed people need a different grip to work comfortably and effectively with hair cutting scissors. Mizutani Scissors produces hairdressing scissors that are specially designed to suit the requirements of left-handed people.
These left-handed hairdressing scissors are designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of left-handers and enable comfortable and precise cutting. The handle shape, directional positioning and blades of Mizutani left-handed hairdressing scissors are adapted to provide optimal performance and comfort.
Click here for the Mizutani hairdressing scissors for left-handers:

Do you also have Razor?

Yes, Mizutani also produces razors that are used in the hairdressing industry for various cutting techniques. Mizutani razors are high-quality tools that can be used for precise and artistic haircutting techniques such as thinning, shaping or shortening hair.

Mizutani offers different types of razors in different sizes and different designs that are specifically optimized for the needs and preferences of hairdressers. These razors enable fine work and precision in haircutting and styling techniques, such as thinning hair for special hairstyles or textures.

The razors from Mizutani are characterized by their high-quality workmanship and ergonomic shape. They are popular with hairdressers who require craftsmanship and precision in their work.

Click here for the Mizutani Razor:

Can I buy the Mizutani comb from you?

Yes, Mizutani carbon combs are available in our online store as a set of 5.

Click here for the Mizutani carbon combs:


Is there a deadline for returns?

If you should you decide to return your order, you can return the hair cutting scissors within 14 days of delivery.
Please send the hair cutting scissors back to us unused and in their original packaging, including all accessories such as the serial number document. As soon as the hair cutting scissors have arrived back here, they will be checked. If the hair cutting scissors are in perfect condition, you will receive your money back within 24 hours.

How can I return the product? Who covers the costs?

If you decide to return your ordered Mizutani hair cutting scissors, you can send them back to us within 14 days – unused and in their original packaging, of course, including all accessories, such as the serial number document. As soon as the hair cutting scissors have arrived back here, they will be checked and you will receive your money back within 24 hours. You bear the costs for the return shipment.

Payment & delivery

What payment options are available?

Various payment options are available at Mizutani Europe. These include PayPal and bank transfer.

Can I buy my hair cutting scissors in installments?

In our online store we offer the possibility to pay via Paypal, here you can select installment purchase and make an installment payment.
Unfortunately, we do not work with any other credit institution to be able to offer this.
If you send us your area, we will be happy to check if we can arrange a Mizutani sales partner for you.

How high are the shipping costs?

The delivery charge for Germany is 5.50 euros and for europe depends on the country.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

The delivery time for Mizutani hairdressing scissors can be found in the online store under the respective hair cutting scissors.
If the desired model is in stock, we usually ship within 3-5 working days in Germany.
Please be informed that deliveries to EU countries could possibly take longer.


I would like to have my Mizutani hairdressing scissors sharpened. How does this work?

For a grinding service from Europe, please contact us at and we
will be happy to forward you to our authorized grinding service centers.

For a grinding service from Germany:
All important information for the grinding service can be found under the following link:
Please print out the PDF form and then enter your details. For shipping, place your hairdressing scissors – securely packed – including the form in a sturdy package and send it by DHL parcel to the address given on the form.
The return shipment will be made after around 10 working days from the arrival of the hairdressing scissors in our technical department, using the cash on delivery shipping method, i.e. we will send your sharpened hairdressing scissors including the invoice back to you.
When the parcel is handed over to you by DHL, you pay the letter carrier, everything else takes place between DHL and us.

My Mizutani hair cutting scissors are damaged, what now?

You can send your hair cutting scissors (including all individual parts) to us so that they can be checked by our technical department.
Please contact us at and we will be happy to forward you to our authorized grinding service centers.

Is it possible to repair the fall damage of hairdressing scissors?

Whether fall damage to hairdressing scissors can be repaired depends on the extent of the damage. It may be possible to repair minor damage such as light scratches or small dents. More extensive damage, like bent or broken blades, however, may be more difficult to repair and in some cases may not be recoverable.

How long is the service time of my hair cutting scissors?

The service time is about 14 working days excl. shipment.

The service time including return shipment are around 10 working days.

What does the grinding service cost?

Sharpening service : 39,00€ without VAT per hair scissors
The shipping costs depend on the country where you want the scissors to be shipped.

NOTE: For additional work due to, for example, badly damaged or dirty hair scissors, we charge an extra charge from EUR 15.00 plus VAT per pair of scissors.

Sharpening service: 49.98 EUR incl. VAT per hair scissors

NOTE: For additional work due to, for example, badly damaged or dirty hair scissors, we charge an extra charge from EUR 15.00 plus VAT per pair of scissors.

All important information for the sharpening service for Germany can be found here:

I don't have Mizutani hairdressing scissors, can I get them sharpened by you anyway?

We generally do not sharpen products from other manufacturers, such as Tondeo, Jowell, Kasho, Jaguar, Olivia Garden, Mitzaki, Yasaka, Hikari, Kamiyu, Feather, Sensei, etc. We do not have the necessary expertise and spare parts for this! We concentrate 100% on the service of Mizutani hairdressing scissors. Everything is tailored to this brand of hairdressing scissors so that we are able to provide you with a very satisfactory service.

What happens if my returned hairdressing scissors can no longer be sharpened?

If you send us a Mizutani hairdressing scissor for sharpening service, it will be checked by our technical department. If it is not possible to grind the scissors due to foreign grinding, insufficient material on the blade or the age of the scissors, we will contact you.

In some cases, we may be able to sharpen your hairdressing scissors without a guarantee. However, before we start sharpening, we will contact you to get your agreement. We want to make sure that you are happy with the service and the potential impact on your hairdressing scissors.

What happens if additional repairs to my hair cutting scissors are required in addition to a sharpening service?

If, in addition to a sharpening service, additional repairs are required to your hair cutting scissors to bring them back to a very good condition, we will contact you to talk about the costs of this. Any chargeable repairs will only be made with your explicit agreement.

Can modeling scissors be sharpened?

Yes, modeling scissors can be sharpened, but there are some differences in the sharpening process to regular hair cutting scissors.
Grinding these special modeling scissors therefore requires specialist knowledge and experience to ensure
that the original shape and functionality of the modeling scissors is still intact.

I would like to have my hair scissors sharpened, do you have replacement hair cutting scissors that you can provide me with?

We generally do not offer replacement hair scissors, as our processing time of around 10 working days for Germany and 14 working days for other countrys is usually very fast.

You are welcome to contact your Mizutani sales partner, who may be able to offer you an alternative solution.

How can I pay for the grinding service?

After the service we will send you an invoice by e-mail for prepayment, as soon as the amount has been paid into our bank account, your scissors will be sent to you on the same day.

Payment is made by cash on delivery DHL. The post office charges a fee of EUR 2.00 for this, which means that we send your sharpened hair cutting scissors back to you together with the invoice.
When the package is handed over to you by DHL, you pay the letter carrier, everything else takes place between DHL and us.


My Mizutani hair scissors have already been sharpened by someone else, can I still send my hair scissors to you for sharpening?

Hair scissors that have already been sharpened by a different grinding service provider will not be processed by us or at our decision, will be processed without any guarantee.
Every Mizutani hair scissors that we get with an order for GRINDING SERVICE is checked in advance by the technical department.

At what distance should the hairdressing scissors be sharpened?

The frequency of sharpening your hairdressing scissors depends on many factors, including how often you use them, the quality of the scissors and how well you look after them. An indication that your hairdressing scissors need sharpening is if they no longer cut cleanly or with precision.

How long do hairdressing scissors stay sharp after sharpening?

The durability of the sharpness of hairdressing scissors after sharpening depends on various factors. As a rule, a well sharpened hairdressing scissor will stay sharp for a long time, but the exact time depends on the quality of the sharpening, the frequency of use, the type of hair being cut and how well the hairdressing scissors are cared for.

How often can hairdressing scissors be sharpened?

In principle, hairdressing scissors can be sharpened multiple times, but there are some limitations. Each time a hairdressing scissors is sharpened, material is removed from the blades to restore their cutting ability. This process reduces the thickness of the blades over time.
The number of times a hairdressing scissors can be sharpened depends on the original quality of the hair scissors, the thickness of the blades and how much material is removed with each sharpening.
Most high-quality hairdressing scissors can usually be sharpened between five and ten times before too much material has been removed. It is important not to over-sharpen hairdressing scissors as this can affect their longevity and functionality. It is also important that the hairdressing scissors are sharpened by a professional sharpening service to ensure that this is done correctly and carefully.

I come from Austria, can I still have my hair cutting scissors sharpened by you?

Please send your hair cutting scissors by DHL to:

Peterli & Peterli GmbH
Pariser Ring 5
76532 Baden-Baden, Germany

The service fee for the sharpening service from Austria is 39,00€ + VAT per pair of hair cutting scissors, plus 15,00€ transportation fee. After the service we will send you your invoice for prepayment by e-mail, as soon as the amount has been paid by you, your hair cutting scissors will be sent back the same day.

You are welcome to read all the information about the shipping procedure on our sharpening service form, however, the price stated there only applies to the service from Germany.

Mizutani knowledge

Why Mizutani hair cutting scissors?

Mizutani Scissors is a renowned brand in the hairdressing industry and has made a name for itself for high-quality hairdressing scissors.
There are several reasons why Mizutani hairdressing scissors are very popular with hairdressers:

  • Quality and craftsmanship: Mizutani produces hairdressing scissors that are known for their high quality and precision. The hairdressing scissors are made by highly skilled craftsmen using high quality materials in the heart of Japan.
  • Innovative technology: Mizutani integrate innovative technologies and advanced manufacturing methods into the production of the hairdressing scissors to maximize performance and durability.
  • Ergonomic design: Mizutani hairdressing scissors are known for their comfort and ergonomics. They are designed to be easy on the hairdresser’s wrist and allow for comfortable and precise cutting.
  • Variety of scissors: Mizutani offers a variety of hairdressing scissors in different sizes, styles and cutting techniques to meet the different needs of hairdressers. These include hairdressing scissors for cutting, sculpting, thinning and other hairdressing techniques.

These features make Mizutani a respected brand among hairdressers who value high quality tools to create precise cuts and a comfortable working experience.

What is so special about Mizutani hair cutting scissors?

Mizutani hair cutting scissors for hairdressers have earned an excellent reputation in the industry.
Some features make Mizutani hair cutting scissors special:

Material and craftsmanship: Mizutani hair cutting scissors are made from high-quality materials such as steel alloys or special types of steel, which are known for their durability and sharpness. The production is carried out with traditional craftsmanship and high precision, resulting in high-quality hair cutting scissors.

Precision and sharpness: The cutting quality of Mizutani hair cutting scissors is remarkable. The blades are extremely sharp and offer precise cutting performance. This enables the finest haircuts with the least amount of pressure.

Ergonomics and design: Mizutani hair cutting scissors are ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and a natural hand position when cutting. This reduces strain on the hands and allows better control over cutting.

Variety and specialization: Mizutani offer a variety of hairdressing scissor types for different hairdressing techniques. These include hairdressing scissors for cutting, thinning, sculpting and different hair types.

Durability and maintenance: With proper care and regular maintenance, Mizutani hairdressing scissors can remain sharp and functional for a long time. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship help to ensure that the hairdressing scissors have a long service life.

Mizutani hairdressing scissors have earned a first-class reputation in the hairdressing industry due to their quality, sharpness and craftsmanship. Many professional hairdressers value and use Mizutani hairdressing scissors for their excellent cutting performance and durability.

How long is the Lifetime of Mizutani Hair Scissors?

Our experience is usually 20 years. However, the handling of the hair scissors is also important.
In terms of material, Mizutani hair scissors are generally designed for a long service life.
The material used for Mizutani hair scissors is designed for a long service life.

Where are the Mizutani hair cutting scissors produced?

Mizutani hair cutting scissors are manufactured in Japan. Mizutani Scissors is known for manufacturing high-quality hairdressing scissors and has the headquarters and production facilities in Japan.
Japan is known worldwide for the craftsmanship and precision in the manufacture of cutting tools, including hairdressing scissors. Mizutani is a respected brand in the hairdressing industry and has a reputation for high quality hairdressing scissors that are valued by professional hairdressers worldwide.

What materials do you use for the hairdressing scissors?

Mizutani Scissors uses the highest quality materials. These include our own steel grades such as Nano Powder, Dama and Extramarise

In which colors are Mizutani hair cutting scissors available?

We offer Mizutani hairdressing scissors in black, rose, gold and brown in addition to the classic steel. The hairdressing scissors can be ordered in shiny, matt or satin.

I have a nickel allergy, do you have any hairdressing scissors that are suitable for me?

If you are allergic to nickel, it is important to choose hairdressing scissors that contain no or only minimal amounts of nickel to avoid allergic reactions. Our ‘colored hairdressing scissors’ (black, rose, gold) have a titanium coating. MIZUTANI’s titanium hard coating is applied after surface preparation for each pair of colored hairdressing scissors using a special coating process. As titanium is hypoallergenic, it is also suitable for people who are sensitive to nickel or other metals.
Titanium alloys normally contain no or very little nickel. Titanium hair cutting scissors are lightweight, durable and have a low probability of causing allergic reactions. They can be a good option to meet your nickel allergy needs.

How can I check if these are real Mizutani hair cutting scissors?

To recognize the authenticity of Mizutani hairdressing scissors, there are several things you can look out for:

  • Brand logo and name: Look for the logo and brand name. Mizutani hairdressing scissors usually have a clear and precise brand logo carefully engraved or engraved on the hairdressing scissors.
  • Serial number: Our Mizutani hairdressing scissors are marked with individual serial numbers or an identification code. This number is engraved on the hairdressing scissors and can confirm their authenticity.
  • Material and origin: Mizutani uses special materials of the highest quality. If possible, find out about the materials from which the hairdressing scissors are made and check the origin of the hairdressing scissors to make sure that they really come from Mizutani. The type of steel used for the Mizutani hairdressing scissors is indicated on the blade of the Mizutani hairdressing scissors.
  • Point of sale: It is best to buy your hair cutting scissors from authorized dealers or directly from official Mizutani sales partners. This minimizes the risk of buying fake or copied hairdressing scissors.

If you have any reason to believe that your Mizutani hairdressing scissors are original, it may be advisable to contact the manufacturer directly or contact authorized distributors to verify authenticity. We can usually provide you with further information and assistance to ensure that your Mizutani hairdressing scissors are genuine.

I can't find hair cutting scissors that fit, can I have custom-made scissors made for me?

Yes, you can have Mizutani hair scissors made to measure. Choose from various blade types, screws and handle systems and create your very own personalized tool.
Delivery time: about 6 to 8 months

I would like to have my hairdressing scissors customized, how does it work?

Please contact us directly or contact one of our sales partners to talk about everything else.

What is Mizutani's most expensive hairdressing scissor?

The most expensive hairdressing scissors from Mizutani is the Sword Engraving. A limited edition model from Mizutani. Each pair of Engraving hairdressing scissors is unique and a true work of art. Each one is engraved with a unique design.
Click here for the most expensive hairdressing scissors from Mizutani:

General questions I Seminars I Contact

What is the Moyo?

Moyo: A place full of character & sympathy where hairdressers can choose a new favorite piece to their heart’s content. Full of strength & confidence and in harmony with the tool of your choice, you are ready to fulfill all customer wishes.

Visit our showroom in Baden-Baden:

Is there a showroom?

Yes, visit our Moyo Showroom Europe in Baden-Baden! Here you can experience and feel more than 200 different Mizutani models and sizes very closely.

Who is Peterli&Peterli GmbH?

Peterli & Peterli GmbH has been distributing Mizutani Scissors in Germany and Europe for 23 years. We have been able to participate in many events, trade fairs, shows, seminars, discussions and meetings, which have shown us time and again how happy we make our many customers with the Mizutani Scissors product.

What are PAMs?

A Project Artistic Member (PAM) is one of the most talented, creative and outstanding hairdressers in the world.
They support Mizutani Scissors in the further development and improvement of our hair cutting scissors and other products. They want to inspire you with their exceptional skills and pass this on to the next generation.

Here you can find our PAM’s:

Is it possible to do seminars with you?

Mizutani Scissors offers training courses and seminars for hairdressers.

Click here for our seminars:

Where can I see your actual seminar program?

The exact information about Mizutani training courses, workshops or seminars can be found on their official website or through their authorized dealers.

Click here for our seminars:

How can I contact you?

You are welcome to send us an email to or call us on 07221/ 3987000

Scissors knowledge

What are modeling scissors?

Modeling scissors are hair cutting scissors with teeth on one side. These hairdressing scissors have teeth on one blade and a smooth blade on the other. These teeth ensure that only part of the hair is cut, creating a smoother transition and more volume or texture in the hair.
Modeling scissors can be used to thin out hair, create smooth transitions and achieve a natural texture.
Using sculpting shears requires skill and experience as they can significantly affect the texture and volume of the hair. They are an indispensable tool for hairdressers to create varied and individual haircuts and are available in different sizes and with different numbers of teeth.

Click here for the Mizutani modeling scissors:

How to use modeling scissors?

  • Thinning: The modeling scissors only cut part of the hair, which helps to reduce hair volume and thin out thick hair
  • Texturizing: Selectively cutting the hair creates a natural texture for softer and more flowing styles
  • Smooth transitions: Ideal for creating smooth transitions between different hair lengths, avoiding hard edges
  • Detail work: Suitable for working on bangs, contours and fine details where precision is required

What are effiliating scissors?

What is the difference between a modeling scissors and an effiliator scissors?

A thinning scissor is toothed on both sides and cuts out about a third of the hair. Modeling scissors, of course, are only toothed on one side and straight on the other. They therefore cut out around half of the hair.

Click here to see our modeling & thinning scissors:

What is a Razor?

A hairdressing razor is a special razor used by hairdressers to cut hair. Hairdresser razors can be used to cut textures into the hair or to create special hairstyles.

Click here for the Mizutani Razor: