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It cuts so smoothly, like a flowing stream!
The feeling of it striking the hair is soft.

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Cosine | Mizutani Razor

Faster. Easier. Cleaner.


A new-generation razor that cuts with weight and balance.

Allows for cuts that use weight by shifting the weight balance without damaging hair, and lets you create more beautiful styles with an overwhelming sense of speed. A tool that lets you control length, composition, and texture all at the same time.

Faster, easier to use, and cleaner cuts than ever before. Cosine makes it possible.


1. Faster

Triple role >>> You can take care of all 3 elements length, structure, and texture with just one tool.
Cut with just its weight >>> No damage to hair, because it cuts with just the weight of the body.
Easy changing >>> The next-generation magnetic holding system enables quick blade changing.



2. Easier to use

Four different grips >>> Easy to control “cut, volume, thin” only changing the razor holding position.
Center of gravity in hand >>> When gripping it with the weight centered in your hand, it gives solid control for precise cutting.
Principle of pendulum >>> Because we’ve purposefully moved the center of gravity outward, the razor swings smoothly back and forth like a pendulum.


Cosine Cutting technique illustration | Mizutani Razor


3. Cleaner cuts

Nuance in hair ends >>> Gives a soft finishing touch to hair, for ends like the tip of a brush.
Multi-talented >>> Can be used for a variety of effects, widening the breadth of techniques at your disposal.
Even works for short >>> Gives a soft finish even for short haircuts and men’s hair.


Cosine usage flexibility illustration of techniques | Mizutani Razors


Three Variations to choose from

Mat >>> A texture that fits your hand, with a subdued matte finish.

Rubber >>> Lets you cut without any deviations, with a sense of stability from non-slippery rubber.

Mirror >>> A profound shine and velvety texture create smooth handling.


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Suitable for right and left handers, Suitable for right and left handers

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Razor, Razor


Razor, Razor


Mirror, Mat, Mat, Mirror, Rubber, Rubber

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