Mizutani Haircutting Scissors

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Acro KL Black 6.6 – Mizutani Scissors

Includes 19% VAT

-The Kevin Luchmun Model-

A new allrounder by Mizutani!
This slim designed model is suitable for:
Blunt cuts, point cuts and details.

The lightness of Acro KL BLACK takes the strain off the
wrist and makes everyday work easier.

Cut S Thinning – Mizutani Scissors

Includes 19% VAT

A clearly sharper blade and the light
Material structure characterizes this model.
The new handle with large adjusting screw and
click system, turn the Cut S Thinning into an
exceptionally precise tool.

Fit Puffin – Mizutani Scissors

Includes 19% VAT

The flat and at the same time wide
construction enables the Fit Puffin an
unique and soft cut. The cut edges are
around pulled 3 degrees outwards and allow
therefore a perfect “free style” cutting result.

Fit Thinning – Mizutani Scissors

 410,55 471,24
Includes 19% VAT

A large adjusting screw, a new
special alloy, a high gloss polished
Surface and a ergonomically arranged handle
– That’s it: the right scissors to get you started as a hairstylist!

Sword Swivel 01 – Mizutani Scissors

 1.069,81 1.188,81
Includes 19% VAT

Setting the thumb free
The swiveling finger holes rotate 360°
and constantly follow the movement of the thumb,
so there is no need to align your hand to the scissors.
Even people without tendonitis get hooked on this
degree of freedom if they give it a try.