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Fit – Mizutani Thinning Scissors

 446,25 510,51
Includes 19% VAT

A large adjusting screw, a new
special alloy, a high gloss polished
Surface and a ergonomically arranged handle
– That’s it: the right hair scissors to get you started as a hairstylist!

Fit Puffin – Mizutani Hair Scissors

Includes 19% VAT

The flat and at the same time wide
construction enables the Fit Puffin an
unique and soft cut. The cut edges are
around pulled 3 degrees outwards and allow
therefore a perfect “free style” cutting result.

Ichi-Nino-San 4pcs Set – Mizutani Hair Scissors

Includes 19% VAT

Ichi-Nino-San Set of 4
including Ichi-Nino-San waist bag

Each pair of scissors in the Ichi-Nino-San series
has its own unique function and characteristics
which are perfectly accentuated by the combination of the hair scissors.

Ichi Nino San 1 – 5.5 or 6.0 (size available)
Ichi Nino San 2 – 6.0
Ichi Nino San 3 – 5.5
Ichi Nino San 4 – 5.5