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With the purchase of this set you help us with
our fundraising campaign to support Ukrainian refugees.
For each package, 6€ of the proceeds will go to UNHCR.


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Haircut Love and Peace


In view of the recent events in Ukraine, Mizutani Scissors has started a fundraising campaign. With this, we want to support the Ukrainian refugees and send an example. It is our all wish to continue living in a world at peace. A world without fear and, among other things, with free access to haircutting! To set an example, Mizutani produces stickers and buttons on which peace symbols are combined with scissors motifs.
For each package, Mizutani Europe in cooperation with Mizutani Scissors Japan will donate 6€ of the sales proceeds directly to the charity UNHCR.

More information on the fundraising campaign and further links can be found at the japanese Mizutani Homepage.

The Set

This set includes the following products from Mizutani:

Info Card (english), Button, Sticker, Mizutani Cloth, Mizutani 720 Comb

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