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Convinced by Quality


Sword Engraving 6.7 | Mizutani Friseurschere

Mizutani conquered the hearts of quality enthusiasts in 2021. In the annual opinion poll of the hairdressers’ industry newsletter “friseur intern“, Japanese quality and craftsmanship won first place in the category: “Scissors/knives”.


A result we are proud of. It confirms us in our high standards for our daily work. The feedback from the opinion poll shows us how important it is to go other ways in times of mass production and quantity.


Mizutani products stand out for their durability, quality and service.


Quality and Service over Quantity

100% Pure Japanese Mizutani Scissors Siegel

Mizutani has always focused on human aspects in the production of haircutting scissors.

Since the beginnings of the small workshop in Tokyo, hairdressers should have the possibility to cut with scissors that are adapted to their needs and are long-lasting faithful companions. This philosophy is still lived by Mizutani today.

We distribute special scissors for customers with different preferences, needs and desires. Mizutani is for all customers who value craftsmanship and quality.

Mizutani is a traditional company and has been working since 1921 with the aim of delighting customers with high-quality handmade haircutting scissors. All scissors are checked by hand in Japan and are not released for sale until every detail fits. This attention to detail is also appreciated by our customers in Europe.

This is not only shown by the result of the opinion poll, but also by our active and constantly growing social media community.

After the purchase is before the purchase

However, the story doesn’t end with the purchase of a pair of Mizutani hairdressing scissors. We at Mizutani Europe not only ensure before the sale that our European customers can work with a functional and flawless pair of hair cutting scissors. We also offer after-sales service – in line with Mizutani’s service philosophy.

Eine Mizutani Haarschneideschere wird in ihre Hülle reingesetzt

As soon as a Mizutani customer notices irregularities with his scissors after purchase, we are there to help and advise, e.g. if the scissors no longer work as usual due to an accidental fall. But also if the customer wants to give his favourite Mizutani scissors a fresh polish. You can find more information about the sharpening service here


What will happen next for Mizutani Europe?

We at Mizutani Europe are pleased about the opinion and award of our customers within the scope of the survey of “friseur intern” and will continue on our path.

Furthermore, we do not want to limit ourselves to selling high quality Mizutani products in Europe. We also want to increase the exchange and interaction with our customers and partners. We are already achieving this by setting up educational seminar offers, as well as through active, regular communication on our social media channels.

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Thank you!

We would like to thank our community for the trust they have placed in us and look forward to what the future holds for us.


Source: friseur intern, 23.11.2021, 47. Edition